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Creating Change

Feb 17, 2018

Implementation of Management Functions into Engineering Education.

One of the most pressing issues that we are facing today with respect to engineering education is the placement of the qualified employable youth studying technical education.

Did you ever mark why?

Why there is still a huge gap between employable and employ-ability?
Why majority of engineering colleges are struggling to provide placements to its students?

What may be the possible reason?

Is it the quality of students taking admission into engineering?

Is it the dearth of good teachers and faculty teaching in the theory level?

Or is it the combination of all above?

Statistics say over 80% of students is passing out unemployed every year only in India.

In my previous articles I have already mentioned the importance of using HR and Analytics into Education.

We have also spoken about implementation of TQM (total quality management) Into engineering education? What we are talking Today is the implementation of Management functions and study into engineering education. Let’s start this discussion with a simple question or thought. “Urgent & Important”

I was interviewing a candidate with one year of experience and asked him how you prioritize your work. He took a while to answer and replied I work as per my manager’s instructions.

Now this is a correct answer according to him, but does it answer the question above?

You decide Do you prioritize your work?

Do you write tasks and label it with various permutation combination of urgent and important?

A management education application teaches you basics of time management, planning, teamwork, initiatives and stress tolerance. These are nothing but various competencies. It is
very important that we imbibe these competencies in our budding engineers. We need to create a competency based learning ecosystem.We all know most of the institutes face a challenge to finish curriculum on time because of various initiative programs and events and increasing overheads.But the study of management basics will only create more confident engineers who can make a difference in today’s world with opportunities galore for startups, entrepreneurs and various programs available.It’s high time we think on these lines and get move the process a notch higher for increase in productivity, performance and result of students for not only better placements but create leaders for tomorrow “One who has a strong intent and will to accomplish something Will anyhow design mechanism to finish it and achieve heights”

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