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Resilience: A key competency for Entrepreneurial success

May 7, 2018

Resilience is one of the key competencies which one needs to have to become a successful salesperson, an entrepreneur or a leader. Back in 2011 I was introduced to the world of Network marketing by a very dear friend of mine like most people get introduced to this lucrative industry. I neither had any experience in sales or marketing, nor was entrepreneurship in the air as its today, and thanks to start-up industry for inspiring people to start-up.

Being an avid reader I read stories of great leaders having comebacks when they were knocked down. I always took inspiration from stories of warriors, entrepreneurs, sales leaders who fought their way back to success after being crushed down. First time I came across the word “RESILIENCE” in its real sense when I started to build the networking business. Till then I never faced any situation wherein I would feel that I need to be resilient.

In my 5 years of networking experience I learned how to get up and handle situations which made me fall down and cry, and trust me not many get this opportunity until and unless they quit their job to either start-up or follow their goals. My first punch came in 2012 when I quit my corporate job and decided to become an entrepreneur. The only option I had in hand was the network marketing business which I thought can be a road-map for my dream venture of building my own company in the space of education and transform how education happens in India, be at any level. Quitting job was not so common then as it is today in 2018, but as they say you learn the best life lessons during adversities. During my days of networking and entrepreneurship thereafter, I learned many lessons not only “how to sell” but also “how to continue to sell”. In this article I am going to share 6 ways to be resilient which helped me then and it continue to help me even today because being an entrepreneur you keep falling down every day and need strength to get up and continue fighting.

1.     Having a positive Frame of mind.

Always have a positive frame of mind. I know it is easier said than done but we must train our brain to be positive always. It comes with a lot of practice. A positive frame of mind not only helped me in my professional life but also in my personal relationships. I had to practice to have the right frame of mind to generate fruitful results. Reading good books added a lot in having the right Mindset.

2.     The Right Attitude:

There is a thin line between having a positive frame of mind and having the right attitude and many consider it to be same. The right attitude is the attitude of gratitude. Sometimes we show gratitude and sometimes we don’t, but as an individual I always believed that “Attitude to gratitude” helps you come back stronger.

3.     Good Circle of Influence:

One of the key factors for success is the company that we keep. I was always taught that we should be surrounded by people who were more successful than us. Eventually, doing so will teach us the tricks and traits of success. Some of which we may have been missing implementing in our journey. “Our network defines our net worth”.

4.     Self-Motivation:

Like oxygen is to human beings, self-motivation is to resilience. Most important ingredient for me to get back and continue fighting in my journey was to be self-motivated. External motivation is very important but it doesn’t last long but self-motivation will be with us for life.

5.     Learn to Embrace Change:

As they say “change is the only constant” and quite true it is. Today the world is changing with a rapid pace in terms of science and technology, medicine and many more industries. To cater to this ever changing landscape it’s very important that we start embracing change first and then we will have avenues to deal with the change.

6.     Have a coach

Everyone needs a coach in life. We all grew up under the leadership of our family, teachers, managers and leaders who guided us during our various walks of lives. But each one plays a role in their respective capacity and domain expertise. Having a life coach can be very helpful in our success journey. It helped me to get up and bounce back and so it can help you as well.

All the above points are basis of life experiences that I had during my journey of corporate sustenance. I keep learning every day and work in the direction of educating people to empower them for a better tomorrow.

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