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The Percentage Hypothesis

Feb 16, 2018

As rightly said by Mr. Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” I firmly believe in the saying but there is a need to define education, especially in India. Most of us know the basic difference between education and qualification but still, many of us use one instead of other or vise versa, Why? Did you ever think why?

Let me share with you why I am asking this question and why it is important to know the difference. Yesterday I was reading a newspaper and I came across an advertisement for a Post Graduate program in Management, which had various criteria and one of them was percentage required in 10th, 12th and graduation which is greater than 60% or greater than 6 CGPA. Not only here but during campus interviews, many companies have percentage criteria. During employee hiring interview many companies look for this criteria to qualify to apply for the particular job or course if its education.

This criteria is used as the qualification criteria in most place in India. But let me ask you, is this qualification really as important as education? or rather it is independent of education? Should percentage disallow someone to apply for a particular course study or a job? I agree we have post application filtration process but is 10th 12th or graduation percent really reflect the person’s competencies or abilities to execute a particular task. I think this metric is cliched and we have many such metrics which judge people on numbers & not behaviors, competencies, skills etc.

In my last article I spoke about “Competency Based Education” and how the world is moving towards it. Today I want to put this across that metrics like percentage which are one-time performance reflectors over a period of a year or so have become cliched.

Our education system needs massive restructuring when it comes to measurement system for measuring performance and skills. The current corporate system has undergone transformation and is still improving taking HR metrics into consideration. Today even happiness quotient is measured and EQ plays a far important role to measure workplace performance. Similar reforms are needed in our current education system to have strong HR focus improving the system first and then have better measurement system in place to measure student success/performance.

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